Dylan Staley

Hey there, my name's Dylan, and I hail from Baton Rouge, LA where I live with my Corgi Jpeg. Currently, I'm a Systems Engineer at Marucci Sports. Previously, I was the Digital Product Development Lead at the Baton Rouge Business Report. I graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences, along with the Distinguished Communicator Certification.

Recent Posts

Gigabit in Baton Rouge

My ISP wouldn't give me a list of where they were providing gigabit internet. So I made my own.

Stencil and Webpack 2

With the recent release of Webpack 2, I wanted to see how easy it would be to migrate Stencil to it, and if I could take advantage of automatic code splitting.

Migrating to Stencil

About a year ago, I helped build a new website for Marucci Sports. Almost exactly a year later, we rebuilt the site from the ground up using Stencil, a new theme framework from Bigcommerce.